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BODY HARMONY PHOTO SHOOT79 viewsAlmost done with the face mask. Next it's time to shroud your face & hair in HOT-STEAM towels.

BODY HARMONY PHOTO SHOOT79 viewsHere you go! The Shea Butter "Drizzle" - then massaged into the skin and muscles. Vitamins A - K & E are rich in this pure & raw butter we get from Africa.

See our website for details on Shea Butter from Africa: - ABOUT BODY HARMONY then click on Shea Butter Fair Trade.
BODY HARMONY PHOTO SHOOT79 viewsDead Sea Salt "Sprinkle" feels like drops of rain. A lady that was from Italy had a Body Harmony session last summer, and she said it felt like snow flakes falling on her skin.
BODY HARMONY PHOTO SHOOT78 viewsLadybugs are cool!
BODY HARMONY PHOTO SHOOT78 viewsNo one is in a hurry.... You can just let it ALL GO! This is YOUR TIME! No guilt. This is for YOU!
SHARA ZIMMERMAN 78 viewsWhat a voice! She's singing my favorite "Hochatown USA!" 1 comments
Daniel & Stephanie77 viewsJust Married!
BEYOND HARMONY GIFT SHOP77 viewsItems for sale must follow the Body Harmony Theme, Only quality and unique items are offered for sale. Space is limited and quality is important to what we are wanting to do with our business.

Women are needed for Beyond Harmony who are gifted and talented with handmade items they require a platform to sell. They are encouraged to open their business with EIN# and personal business cards where their items are displayed through out the BEYOND HARMONY GIFT SHOP and on the Beyond Harmony website.
Sara & Charmie's BIRTHDAY!!!77 views
77 viewsOH MY GOSH! Warm Shea Butter drizzling s-l-o-w-l-y over the top of your head.
Sara & Charmie's BIRTHDAY!!!76 views
Here are YOUR Body Harmony Practitioners76 views
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