Body Harmony Instrument Bed ~ Sound Theory
Natural Method ~ De-stressing and Healing
The Holistic Benefits to Your Body

It has been well understood for centuries that music has the ability to provide soothing comfort and reduce stress in people (and animals). It is only in recent years that the field of "music therapy" has been explored, and a number of theories and applications of sound and music therapy been put forth and developed. Some involve the use of a series of single tones, sometimes singly or multiple tones in harmonic over tones. Some utilize background frequencies which have been imbedded within a musical program. Even just music played by itself and for its own sake, can and does have an influence on our emotional and physical well-being.

So how does music and sound tones actually work? Again, many theories have been put forth for consideration. One of the most popular (with me), is the concept of "harmonic resonance". The best way to understand this is to think of a pair of tuning forks. If you strike a tuning fork and start it to "humming" (vibration), you will hear a sound tone. Now place that vibrating tuning fork near a second fork and it will begin to vibrate also. The effect is known as "resonance". The vibrations of the first are transferred to the second one. Stringed instruments and pianos will do the same thing between the various strings and harmonic tones will be created.

Without getting too technical, all matter vibrates at a very deep level (subatomic). This includes all living matter also (internal organs, tissues, brain and even bone). The very fluids of our bodies vibrate. Some theories regarding health and wellness suggest that vibrational frequencies lay at the core of life itself.

We have all said, or heard someone say, "I just feel out of sorts today". Something just does not feel right, but you may not be able to understand what. Frequencies make up our internal communication system which allows everything, from the cells to the organs and on to our subconscious and eventually our conscious awareness, to perceive our status in wellness and comfort. We may not understand the nature of either our comfort or discomfort, but we will have some feeling about it.
When the vibrational frequencies within our bodies go "out of harmony" due to various stressful influences upon us (may be mental, physical, or chemical), it is possible for these internal communications networks to break down and our overall quality of life may decline over time. Unless the effects of these stressors are dealt with in some way, then we can become subject to dis-ease, or our bodies being out-of-ease with itself. We have all types of descriptive terms to refer to this state, but they are all simply describing the effects of stress within our bodies.

The Body Harmony Instrument Bed (BHIB) is believed to be one way of reducing some of the effects of stress within our bodies. While lying upon the BHIB, music from the custom designed sound system within the bed comes directly into your body and creates a "harmonic resonance" within the cellular structures which may not only bring into harmony various body frequencies, but also assist in the releasing of internalized stresses.  This process especially includes and begins with your internal organs.  This is not only tremendously relaxing, but may encourage the normalization of various body systems to operate more efficiently for an improved state of general well-being. Multiple sessions may be needed to achieve optimum effects.

Disclaimer: This procedure does not preclude or replace the need for proper rest, nutrition, exercise, and visits to qualified health care providers.

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