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From Kim on 07/31//2013
 “We just came back from a great 5 days in Broken Bow which included a wonderful visit to Body Harmony Day Spa !!!!!! I cannot tell you how truly peaceful,relaxing,inspiring and spiritual this experience was. From the moment we were greeted by the sweet staff at Body Harmony to the very end when we HATED to leave it was something we will return and do ever chance we are in Broken Bow. The massage was the best I have ever had and the love and care that you receive is awesome. The entire 90 minutes is totally devoted to you and bringing your spirit to a level of peace and relaxation that reminds you of how we can live our lives for the better. I highly recommend allowing yourself to be pampered and uplifted, you will leave smiling, blessed and feeling euphoric !!!!!”

From Sharla W. on 09/09/2012
 “Yesterday my husband and I got to experience the most amazing afternoon at Body Harmony Day Spa. We had the best massages that left us both sooo relaxed. Lisa and Sara were THE BEST. They are right, this is not just a massage. It is an experience(my words). My fave was the Dead Sea Salt. As I stated to the The Ladies, really there is no favorite thing. The soothing music to the sweet treats makes this a very nice and worth the trip treat for anyone. If you want the best, most relaxing 90 minutes, This is the place to go. A big thank you to Lisa and Sara for helping to make our anniversary a memorable one. “

From Mandy P on 07/12/2012
 My husband was the one who booked these sessions for us.  He’s such a romantic.  I will never take him for granted again.  This was such a romantic experience for us and we will be back over and over again.  Now I can’t imagine coming to Broken Bow without having a Body Harmony experience.  We almost didn’t get in again this time.  They are booked it seems all of the time.  FYI call at least 2 weeks ahead.
From Linda W on 06/12/2012
 My insterest in massage and spa go way back in time.  I have been getting them for years and you might say that I am addicted.  I have done them all!  That is until Body Harmony.  This place is the best I have ever experienced.  The place is amazing.  Right when you walk in the door you feel as if you are a part of it in some strange way.  I knew about my practitioner before I even went there because Valerie told me who she would be when I made my reservation, and I read her bio and saw her face on their website. I could go on and on about the session and the massage, but there is not enough space on this page to express it. I will be going back over and over again. I will bring friends and family and always be looking forward to the next time I get to have another Body Harmony session.
From Wanda W on 06/12/2012
 I get goose bumps all over my body whenever I even think of a Body Harmony session.  All I can say is you need to do this!

From Bev P on 01/12/2012
I live in Nebraska and was traveling through Broken Bow to visit some relatives. They suggested that I experience a Body Harmony Session … OH! MY! that was the most amazing massage I have ever had in my life and I try to have a massage every two months. Everyone treated me so special and the way that they do the session is like nothing I have ever seen … it makes you so relaxed. After the wonderful session … I visited the gift shop and it is just as wonderful as Body Harmony. I highly suggest Body Harmony to everyone … the area is great for family vacation or just a group of friends getting away for a wonderful spa weekend!!!!

From Matilda E G on 11/14/2011
A group of us went to Body Harmony on a girls retreat and it was the highlight of our trip. We were treated so special and the ladies doing our massages were the best ever. The massage was unbelievable. This place is amazing and I can not wait to come back again with more friends. Their gift shop is great too. I’ve never see or heard of anything like this before. I recommend everything about this place.

From Cessel A on 08/02/2011
My family came to Beavers Bend for a family reunion. Awesome place! We did everything there was to do and saw it all, and my most favorite of everything we did was my Body Harmony experience. There is no way to explain it and what this treatment does for you from the inside out. This is a reason to go to Broken Bow Oklahoma. Make your reservations early. They are booked up much of the time.

From Karen A on 07/12/2011
My family and I love to vacation in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. There is so much fun stuff to do there, but one thing I LOVE more than anything we do is Body Harmony sessions. I have never been so relaxed in my life while having a session. This is something everyone needs to do alone or together. Check out their awesome website.

From B Butler on 05/26/2011
I have been to many, many places in this world for a massage. It is amazing what they will offer you now days for big bucks, and the spa thing is a really large part anymore in our stressful lives, especially for women. The thing about my experience at Body Harmony is the fact that though I have travel world wide I have yet to experience relaxing and the level of peace and enjoyment I felt there. Just thinking about it brings back all of those feelings and makes me want to travel that 3 1/2 hour trip back to Broken Bow, Oklahoma for another wonderful session. Their practitioners really do care about you as a person, and this is just one more thing that sets them far apart from ALL of the rest. Body Harmony Spa has my full endorsement.

From Sarah W. on 03/01/2011
We live in the Dallas area. I have been to New York and the Bahamas, and I have been to most of the biggest cities in America, yet I have NEVER experienced the level of relaxation I have at Body Harmony Spa. It’s not just the massage and the Shea Butter hot drizzle they do, it’s the way you are treated. I felt so special and welcomed. They were ready for us when we walked through the front door, and I am already looking forward to going back to Beavers Bend for a lot of reasons, but one main reason is MY body being in harmony at Body Harmony.

From Brenda on 10/31/2010
There is nothing like this in the word. Nothing! I can not believe how wonderful this experience is. Body Harmony will be a regular for us because I’m hooked. This was the highlight of our trip, and the reason for us coming back to Beaver Bend. We are bringing a whole bunch of us back next time. I can’t explain it in words. YOU HAVE GOT TO HAVE A BODY HARMONY EXPERIENCE!

From kaci cunningham on 10/08/2010
once again, it’s a rocking place. in fact i need to get another shea head hat! i’ve almost worn mine out!!!

From Kaci on 09/27/2010
Fabulous experience. My niece had her first ever massage and facial. She is totally in heaven!! I’ve had many but this one was the most special! The best part is that rumor has it there will be a Body Harmony Day Spa in Coppell, TX soon? Thanks to Val for such a great experience and thanks to Sara who rocked my world today! The entire experience was awesome!

From Crystal on 09/24/2010
If ur looking 4 total relaxation you will only find it at Body Harmony!! We treated ourselves 2 a BH session 4 our 12th wedding anniv. & it turned out 2 be the best thing we coulda done! With both of us working full time & raising our 3 young children we needed BH more than we knew! We’ve never felt so relaxed, refresh…ed, rejuvenated & renewed! In fact the night of our session we slept til 6pm the next day!! I can’t decide which is better the actual massage or the after effects! Our skin is baby soft & our hair has never been healthier! BH is the best invention for the human body ever! Build one in Tulsa, OK please!

From Darla Laffey on 05/26/2010
I wanted to take my daughter somewhere special for her graduation present. She loves Reba so we were going to McAlaster, OK to see her homeplace…suppose to be the high-light I researched spa wise what was offered around and found Harmony, I am so thankful I did. It was the high-light and unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Well worth the 8+ hours to get there. You locals should appreciate what you have right there, I would have it regular if I lived close enough. Valorie & Charming were wonderful to meet also. The whole experience deserves an 11. Thanks we will be back!

From Mr & Mrs Jones on 04/13/2010
Beavers Bend State Park and the Broken Bow Oklahoma area has so much to offer families and couples and guys and gals like fishing, gulf, hunting, boating, hiking, and now we have a day spa that is like something out of the Ritz. Body Harmony is beyond pictures and explanation. You have got to try this experience. We will come back just for a session, and while we are here we will boat and fish and hike, but Body Harmony has our heart here.

From Linda on 03/21/2010
I am so excited that we have a place to go in Beavers Bend now where we can get this kind of treatment. I mean TREATMENT in saying that the massage was the best ever, and the TREATMENT we were given made us feel so special. We love this place and will make a trip there just for the Body Harmony session experience.

From Betty on 02/25/2010
When they say, It’s the most relaxing experience you’ve ever had. With Body Harmony MASSAGE & RELAXING has a whole new meaning. My goodness they aren’t kidding. This WHOLE PLACE IS WONDERFUL. I have had massages all over the world, but this is more than I have experienced to date. Who ever is reading this, you need to go there! They are in Beavers Bend Oklahoma.

From Beverly A  on 1/20/2010
A wonderful experience. I recommend it to everyone. Very relaxing.

From Rhonda T on 12/20/209

From Heather on 12/20/2009
Truly the most relaxing thing I have ever done! The salt is invigorating and the shea butter warm and cozy. The hot towels just made me melt. Love it!!!

From Rex on 12/19/2009
Incredible Experience. I truly had never done this before. Anyone who has ever bottled up stress, needs this. It can be life changing! There is nothing else like Body Harmony.

From Michelle M on 12/19/2009
Body Harmony is truly a very unique experience, and I HIGHLY recommend it to EVERYONE no matter how many massages they have had in the past. This is way more than any massage, and the most relaxing experience I have ever had. Everyone needs to experience a Body Harmony session – at least once. I don’t think they charge enough for what you get.

From Becka S on 12/19/2009
It’s like indulging in to something you run to when everything else is out of order around you. This experience actually DOES bring your whole person into Harmony. This is not just a unique experience, but it is a necessity for what you need most. Seriously!
From Tiffany on 12/17/2009
Hey Girls,
I just wanted to email and let you all know what a HUGE blessing my Body Harmony session was. When I returned to my cabin on yesterday my husband told me that I was glowing…and I WAS!! My skin feels wonderful but my soul feels even better. Valerie, you work amazing wonders and I can not wait until my next trip!!

I truly feel touched by my experience and I just wanted to thank each of you for the part you played.

You are all wonderful!

Love and blessings, Tiffany
From Brandi on 12/15/2009
Fabulous experience …. My niece Marilyn had her first ever massage and facial. She is totally in heaven!! I’ve had many but this one was the most special! The best part is that “rumor” has it there will be a Body Harmony Day Spa in Coppell, TX soon!! Thanks to Val for such a great experience and thanks to Sara who ro…cked my world today!! The entire experience was awesome!!
From Kaci Bauman on 12/12/2009
Hey, Ms. Valerie! My hair feels unbelievable! the Joy worked. I rubbed it in well, left it while I showered and then rinsed it out. Soft fluffy yummy hair! I can’t wait to come back. I’ve already told my hubby that we are coming up here… and my daughters are planning a trip too, so i can tag along with anyone i want!! You guys are fabulous!
From Robin on 12/9/2009
Well, the day was a little rough… but it ended BEAUTIFULLY! Had an ahhhhhhmazing session Body Harmony Day Spa , (thanks Kev) it was so relaxing and my skin feels so good!
aaaaahhhhhmazing experience…. Like we said, there are no words. The experience is one we will DEFINITELY return for! Thanks to Valerie, Sara & Charmie for making us feel so relaxed from the moment we stepped in the door…. We’ll be back!

From Tobra on 11/4/2009
This was my first massage/spa experience and I don’t think I’ll find another place that will give me the same service, experience, and attention…It was by far the highlight of my vacation…I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed. Thank you soooo much for this amazing experience!!!!!!
From Chris on 10/13/2009
I just wanted to say thanks again and we can’t wait to come back! I think you have created a monster in my wife!

From Chris and Amy on 9/1/2009
I’ve been telling everyone back here at home about the magic you two shared with us! I am hoping to head down that way again later this year for another dose of your love! My husband wants to revisit for our anniversary in April. Keep doing God’s work…what a blessing you have bestowed on m…e this week. Valerie…please tell your husband thanks for making that bed for me! Lots of Love!

From Michelle on 8/15/2009
I just wanted to thank you both for making my best friend Tia’s 24th birthday really memorable! You guys did an AMAZING job and we can’t wait to come back!

From Calecia on 6/1/2009
This was the most amazing experience!!! Not only did I feel physically refreshed but spiritually refreshed as well !!! These women are the best and you will find yourself looking forward to the next visit!!! I dream about the next visit 🙂 I will do this again and again and again … you get the point!!

From Christy on 4/2/2009
Thanks so very much for a wonderful anniversary experience! It was amazing and everyone has been noticing my shea butter hair!

From SuZan on 3/10/2009
Ladies (and gentleman) for those of you that have never experienced a Body Harmony Session let me tell you that it is a treat (and a necessity in our stress-filled lives) to be HAD. There are no words to describe how very relaxing and AMAZING it is. These practitioners have the gift of soft hearts and gentle touch nece…ssary for this quiet ministry to the soul. Thank you for all that you have done to enrich and improve my busy life.

From Debra on 2/17/2009
I was not expecting what I found when I came to Body Harmony! Not only was it one of the best experiences for me personally but you are wonderful and caring. You know you truly love and believe in what you are offering!

Body Harmony is the best thing I have ever done for myself. From the first treatment to the present I have enjoyed every aspect of the service….The drizzle of the hot shay butter is a big favorite, and the bed is wonderful with its comfort and the vibrations from the music, it alone can take you away to a very happy place. Then there is the touch of the firm and care giving hands administering the massage, and sea salt scrub, and being wrapped in the warmth of the hot towels, all this combined with the smells and sounds in the room can and has brought about such a release of body, mind, and soul for me, I think everybody should have this experience, if only for the exfoliation and absorption of minerals into the skin. It is just an overall very good healthy feeling, and I love it…..