Body Harmony Day Spa

Day Spa and Massage in Broken Bow Oklahoma
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“The Rhapsody Room”

Body Harmony sessions are choreographed in procedure and in time with the music. What is happening to you is happening to your partner… at the same time!

“S-h-h-h-h” no talking during your session time; this is YOUR special time to completely relax while your practitioner brings you a wonderful relaxing experience, which includes:

  • Body Harmony Instrument Bed™(12″ to 8″ memory foam). Large speakers and tweeter are in the bed and surround sound fills your room with soothing music and nature sounds enveloping your body at cellular level.
  • Hot Shea Butter is “drizzled” and your neck and shoulders are firmly massaged.
  • Dead Sea Mud facial is amazing as your body drinks in the 90% trace minerals and is exfoliated, conditioned and softened.
  • Hot Shea Butter scalp massage is amazing! Your scalp is deeply massaged 5 times during your session with hot Shea Butter.
  • Hot Shea Butter hair treatment is wonderful! It is the best Hot Oil Conditioning your hair has ever had.
  • Hot, steamy towels are wrapped around your head and face, and while this is conditioning… (“Cookin'”)
  • Your practitioner starts “drizzling” hot Shea Butter between your toes. You are then “Drizzle-bathed” and massaged in hot Shea Butter.
  • You are “Sprinkled” and scrubbed with fine ground Dead Sea Salts (Exfoliation).
  • “Wrapped” in hot, moist steamy towels (a trace mineral infusion).
  • You have your own private bathroom.
  • Recovery time in your robe and slippers is at the bar with “Granny Emma’s” homemade Dark Chocolate Brownie, whipped cream and strawberries, and beverage.